December 7, 2022

Why Knit With Suri ?

Suri alpacas have longer dreadlock-like hairs that are smoother, silkier, shinier and drapier.

While it will be a lot more difficult to knit with alpaca wool that comes from the Suri alpaca, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re an experienced knitter, ready to bring your knitting to the next level!

Specific Items You Can Knit Using Alpaca Wool

SURI PRODUCTS: Suri’s straight, lustrous fiber makes it an excellent choice for spinning fine yarn and weaving garments that show off its silky and lustrous nature. When used for crochet or knitting, it makes beautiful lacy items, that drape.

To make items such as sweaters, all alpaca is served well by blending the fibers with other fibers such as merino to give the yarn more elasticity and memory to hold its shape.

Sunday | 9:30am